Descendant Enduro | Event Info
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Descendant enduro

Event Info


15th – 16th April 2023.



Kielder Campsite, Kielder, Northumberland, NE48 1EJ.


What is the distance?

For every down hill there is a nice tootle to get to the start.  Expect a 22 mile loop to get all the stages under your belt.


How much?

The enduro is £79.99 and gets you registered for the event.


You can park nearby or you can camp.  There are a number of optional extras for the campsite.  These are for both Friday and Saturday night inclusive and are per pitch.


Entry includes a safety team, marshalled and sign posted route, comms cover, feed/water stations, lots of prize categories for the race, bucket fulls of descending.


Camping Options and Arrival


Clearly a campsite only has a limited amount of space and these can be booked via link provided soon.


People going to the campsite will be met by the campsite staff who have the same lists as below.  If your name is not on the list you will turned away and will need to park in one of the car parks or you have sorted alternative arrangements.  The car parks do allow overnight stays.  If your name is on the list then you’ll be placed by the stewards in the best place available.  They have a plan so please go with it.


If a group of people have all booked places and want to be together then the only advice we can give is to meet in a nearby car park and then all arrive together.




We are way past the point of having any refunds or deferrals.  If you booked Refund Protect then you can contact sientries directly and make a claim – please note that Refund Protect is nothing to do with us, it’s a third party product from sientries directly.



Event Schedule



Campsite is open to participants from 16:00.

18:00-21:00 – Registration open in marquee.


Saturday – Practice day:

08:00 – Registration opens in marquee

10:30 – Registration closes

16:00 til 23:00 – Bar and pizza stall opens


Sunday – Race day!

09:30 first rider sets off.

A detailed schedule of stage opening and closing times will be given just prior to the event.


Seedings and Set Off Times


Seedings will be taken from a roots and rains review for those that requested it.  Everyone else will be allocated a riding time with their friendship groups.


On sign on you will be allocated a siac (timing chip) collection time for Sunday along with your race start and stage start times.


Stage Opening Times Saturday


Stage 1 10:30 – 13:00
Stage 2 11:15 – 13:45
Stage 3 12:00 – 14:30
Stage 4 13:00 – 15:30
Stage 5 13:10 – 15:45


Stage Opening Times Sunday


Collect siac and leave campsite09:30 – 10:45

Stage 1 10:30 – 11:45
Stage 2 11:15 – 12:45
Stage 3 12:15 – 13:45
Stage 4 13:45 – 15:15
Stage 5 14:00 – 15:30




If you have booked on to the campsite then your parking is all sorted, you’re already there!  For those who have taken alternative accommodation or live nearby there are a number of Forestry England pay and display car parks within walking distance.  A map showing the campsite in relation to the car parks can be seen below:




Registration will take place in the marquee at Kielder campsite which can be easily found from the main road or anywhere in the Kielder area.  Postcode NE44 1EJ




The joy of having this event on a campsite is full use of the wonderful showers, toilets, washing up, bins etc.  This does come with the caveat of having to stick to the rules of the campsite.


No Generators


The campsite is within a stones throw of the local village and any chemicals leaking into the water will ultimately end up in the norths main water supply (the reservoir).  As such the campsite has a strict no generators rule.




As mentioned above there is a village nearby so please try and be quiet after 11pm.  We’re not asking you for complete silence and all go to bed, we’re just wanting to just tone everything down through the night.


Stay Off The Grass


The big rule in flashing lights at this time of year is STAY OFF THE GRASS with vehicles.  There has been a lot of rain recently and the losse surface gets cut up very quickly so the only rule the site staff insist on is to keep vehicles off the grass.  Easy ups, gazeebos and tents are all fine but the vehicles keeps its wheels on firm ground.



The route revolves around a single 22 mile lap with 5 stages and will be waymarked from stage to stage.  There is a combination of hand crafted, adrenaline inducing natural stuff and some of the long and fast man made trails.  One type of trail tests your mettle and the other tests your bottle with high speeds.  The man made trails at Kielder are extremely weather resistant.




There are no cut-offs as such but each stage has fixed opening and closing times.


Fluids and Food

Make sure you take enough food and drink out on the course to last you the day of riding.



We will have electronic timing making sure everything is taken in to account and your glory ride is accurate.  There is no timing on the Saturday practice ride, only for the race.  You are responsible for your timing chip and must return it when finished.


Abandoning A Stage


If a stage needs to be abandoned due to an accident or trail failure and a large amount of riders have not been down then this stage will be removed from the overall timing results.


Race categories


The categories are standard BEMBA in like with BNES points system.


Male U15 (2005-2006)
Male U18 (2002-2004)
Male U21 (1999-2001)
Male Senior 1991-1998)
Male Master 30+(1990-1981)
Male Veteran 40+ (1980-1971
Male Grand Vet 50+ (1970 and earlier)
E Bike (non BNES Points) no age limits

Women: The same category classifications listed above are available to women depending upon numbers attending.  If there are enough women to fill a category then it stands.  If not then they can be grouped together.  Final female categories are released prior to the event.


Mandatory Kit


You must wear a helmet (open xc type OR full face dh type) at all times, including transition sections. We recommend a Full face helmet.


Competitors found not wearing a helmet may be disqualified immediately.


Gloves, knee and elbow protection are recommended but not compulsory.


Each competitor should be completely SELF SUFFICIENT.


In addition to the helmet you need:


Min 500ml litres of water.
Spare tube / C02 cannister
Basic multi tool
Waterproof jacket
Mobile Phone
First aid kit


This will be checked before you set off – don’t be surprised if we turn you away if you don’t have these with you.




You cannot change your bike for individual special stages, you must use the same bike for an individual event. Different bikes can be used for separate events.


Bikes may be scrutinised at the start of any stage.


In the case of mechanical failure, parts such as wheels,tires, saddles, forks, etc can be changed if needs be but extra time is not provided for this.


All bikes must have bar plugs.


Bikes must be in perfect working order.


Competitors may not modify race number plates.


The race director has the right to deny entry to the event they feel a bike is not of a suitable standard


Forestry Logs


As well as having great trails the forest is heavily used for timber.  You will pass several timber stacks along the way and needless to say we ask you to keep well away.


Medical Team


A medical team will be on site for the both practice day and race day.  If you are treated by the medical team please allow them to fill out the required paperwork and take any COVID precautions required.




The nearest A&E hospital is Cramlington.


Event Abandonment/Cancellation


We may need to modify the route or even cancel the event, if circumstances beyond our reasonable control arise, such as, but not limited, to a force majeure (event that is a result of nature e.g. severe flooding). Should this arise and it is deemed to negatively impact upon the safety of the event we will communicate this to you as soon as practicable via the e-mail address you have provided. A decision to cancel the event may in extreme circumstances be taken on the day or during the course of the event. The safety of competitors, spectators and race officials and volunteers is our overriding priority.


Should the event be cancelled we will do everything possible to reschedule the event to a future date. All entries will be carried forward to this new date. Should the event be cancelled due to these circumstances and due to the fixed costs associated with the event we will not be able to provide refunds on this basis.


In the event of abandonment, postponement or cancellation of the event we will have no responsibility for any associated costs of competitors including travel and accommodation costs.